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Fun for All Ages

Welcome to Cardiff North Gymnastics Club, where we offer a range of children’s classes for every age and every level of gymnast. Gymnastics is incredibly popular these days, and it is for very good reason. As well as being a great way to exercise, gymnastics will help your child improve hand-eye coordination, develop strong and healthy bones, learn about commitment and discipline and improve their overall wellbeing.

Our coaches have years of experience in gymnastics, and are here to help your child learn in a safe and friendly environment. We aim to provide fun, engaging lessons with the aim to develop core skills and physical fitness through the medium of gymnastics. Whether you are a beginner or high-level performer, we would love to see you and your child here! So, if you are looking for gymnastics in Cardiff, then get in touch to find out more.


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Our Classes


Joeys and Kangaroos

- 18 Months to 3 Years

The Joey and Kangaroo toddler gymnastics classes aim to combine discipline with play and learning. Your child will also be able to develop motor skills and pattern movements.


- 3+ Years

Koala classes are for children who are in still in nursery. Classes will introduce more structure into the lesson and build key gymnastics skills.

Level 1

- Reception and Year 1

Level 1 classes will build upon existing knowledge and help gymnasts to develop more advanced skills.


Level 2

- Year 2 and Year 3

Level 2 lessons become increasingly tailored to the ability of each child. Classes will help your child to identify their weaknesses and build upon these.

Level 3

- Year 4, 5 and 6

Level 3 classes cover advanced topics and will allow coaches to hone your child’s practical skills and improve their knowledge.


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Why Choose Gymnastics at Cardiff North Gymnastics Club...


Great Exercise 

Gymnastics will help your child to improve their strength, fitness and coordination. These skills are not just important for gymnastics, but are transferable to other sports and activities and will give your child a great foundation in life.

Always Fun 

Our classes are always interesting and entertaining and your child will be counting down the days till the next lesson. Not only that, the new challenges that your child will face will teach them about important skills such as discipline and commitment.

Make Friends 

Gymnastics is a social sport and your child will be able to make friends in a welcoming and safe atmosphere. Parental participation is always supported and you’ll also be able to cheer, spectate and get involved!



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Our Coaches

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Nathan has over 15 years of gymnastics experience under his belt and counts being crowned Welsh Champion 7 times and British High Bar Champion as his greatest achievement. He has been coaching since 2008 and founded the Vale Gymnastics club in the Vale of Glamorgan.


Cameron has been practising gymnastics in Cardiff, the Vale and Swansea for just over a decade and has represented his school and club at a number of championships. Cameron has been coaching since the age of 15 and is recognised as a sports leader and an excellent instructor.





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